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Clare W. Graves
Levels of Human Existence

P. Jansen Schoonhoven

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  • 2011/1 - 22,23,24,25 june Spiral Dynamics I
  • 2011/2 - 27,28,29 june Spiral Dynamics II Partner: Partner: is a Dutch portal offering both theoretical as well as practical information about various management issues. The portal was launched in March 2001 and has been populair with mainly senior management executives eversince. Featured issues are:

  • Personal Development;
  • Organisational change and change management;
  • Globalisation;
  • Knowledge Management, and;
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • is an initiative of M. Herold.

Max Herold, Managing Director

Max Herold has extensive knowledge of business areas like business information engineering , change management and marketing. He is a certified international NLP trainer and an experienced professional in handling complex business issues. He is currently employed as a management consultant with the Ministerie van Sociale Zaken & Werkgelegenheid. He is frequently asked to speak at seminars, workshops and trainings in The Netherlands as well as in other countries.