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Clare W. Graves
Levels of Human Existence

P. Jansen Schoonhoven


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  • Spiral Dynamics I: 4, 5, 6, 7 july 2012
  • Spiral Dynamics II: 8, 9, 10 july 2012
Max Herold

There you are, a policy official, making laws and rules. Along the way you notice that these laws and rules are hardly being applied or lived up to. Society is becoming more diverse and complex. The instruments you've been working with no longer work optimally. As a result, certain problems seem impossible to solve. Any problem, varying from so-called drop-outs in education to problems having to do with safety/security. Plenty of problems. The question is, is there a method or angle of incidence which can handle this increase of diversity and complexity?

You're a manager. Your personnel is becoming more and more diverse. So is their cultural background. How do you manage this in practice? How would you design an organisational development plan within such a multi-cultural environment? How can you lead your business to a state of being that is more affiliated to the demands of changing contexts?

Assistance may come quite unexpectedly.

The American professor Clare Graves developed a cross-cultural model in order to cope with increasing complexity and differentiation, based on fundamental research. This work has become popularly known as 'SPIRAL DYNAMICS®' and can explain the problems listed above and many more that you might have. The success or failure of olicies, management, change and conflicts in multi-cultural environments can be understood by the worldviews outlined in SPIRAL DYNAMICS®. The colors and their different combinations indicate various value systems, ways of thinking and living.

You'll be able to use the spiral to:

  • Relate to the different underlying value systems, so-called vMemes of people and the context in which they operate.

  • Understand how the underlying value systems change in changing contexts and affect policy and management.

  • See and manage the way value systems respond, cooperate and conflict with one other.

  • Apply different methods of management according to the different worldviews.

  • Create order and predictability in the apparent chaos of human affairs.

  • Predict how to manage change as people, policies, and the world transform.

SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Certified Courses

ROI and together with the National Value Center from the United States of America will organize two united official certified courses SPIRAL DYNAMICS BASIC and II. The world's leading expert, Chris Cowan and his partner Natasha Todorovic, will join us (day, place, times) Netherlands especially for these courses. The two courses are informative, interactive and consist of exercises which will help you integrate what has been learnt into your daily tasks. Click here to learn more about the SPIRAL DYNAMICS® courses.