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    Clare W. Graves
    Levels of Human Existence

    Management Issues

    Data SD-trainingen
    • 2011/1 - 22,23,24,25 june Spiral Dynamics I
    • 2011/2 - 27,28,29 june Spiral Dynamics II
    Certified Course

    Max Herold

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    - Spiral Dynamics Basic
    - Spiral Dynamics Advanced
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    Information about the courses

    Certification trainings are designed to provide an accurate foundation in Dr. Graves' underlying theory. While SD Basics being incorporated and expanded within several other viewpoints, our Certification Training is intended to provide as "clean" and close-to-the-source rendition of the Graves/SD point of view as possible. For those who find this work as intriguing and powerful as we do, for those who have had an introduction and sense the power but need to know more, and especially for those who wish to extend their work from a solid base theoretical base rather than third or fourth hand reinterpretations, SD certification is a necessary step.

    Spiral Dynamics Basic

    SPIRAL DYNAMICS BASIC treats the following subjects:

    • Principles of Spiral Dynamics®

    • the Spiral Dynamics® language.

    • Basic insight in managing the different colors

    • Recognition in practice

    Kosten: €2200,00

    Data voorjaar 2008:
    Spiral Dynamics I9,10, 11 en 12 april
    Spiral Dynamics II 14, 15 en 16 april
    Data najaar 2008:
    Spiral Dynamics I19, 20, 21 en 22 november
    Spiral Dynamics II 24, 25, en 26 november

    Locatie / adres:

    Herengracht 23
    2511 EG The Hague
    The Netherlands

    Click here to register for the Spiral Dynamics® training SD Basic. For more detailed information about the training, click here.


    SD Advanced is more in-depth and basically the following subjects will be treated:

    • Sub-value systems and combinations of value systems.

    • In-depth insight in managing transitions between colors

    • Harmony between colors

    Costs: €1650,00
    Date SD Advanced: 29, 30 november, 1 December 2004.
    Location / address:

    Herengracht 23
    2511 EG The Hague
    The Netherlands

    Click here to register for the Spiral Dynamics® training SD Advanced. For more detailed information about the training, click here

    save €500,0

    Register for both courses now and save €550,00!

    About your trainers

    Christopher Cowan

    Co-author of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change. Cowan's emphasis is on making this complex theory practical, applicable, and deliverable to a wide range of groups who are seeking results at the bottom line, the top line, and with the complicated and often overlooked human factors in between.

    Christopher Cowan is a Partner in NVC Consulting and for over 20 years has been Director of the National Values Center, an organization which specializes in applications of Spiral Dynamics® (SD) and the work of his late mentor and friend Dr. Clare W. Graves in emergent systems. He serves on the Board of Directors of Dunn-Edwards Corp. and has worked for two decades using the framework internationally in private and public corporations, and government and non-government organizations.

    Dr. Natasha Todorovic MBA

    A partner in NVC Consulting, Todorovic has worked with the Graves /Spiral Dynamics® model since 1992. She consults, coaches and trains worldwide for clients in a variety of industries. Clients have included Sears, Pitney Bowes, Coopers & Lybrand, Wellington Insurance, etc. For over 18 years Natasha has collected experience from a broad range of industries ranging from sales and marketing, production, product development and R&D.